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Harry Potter Weekend
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Harry Potter Weekend

Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family Channel Thanksgiving www.nflseahawksofficialstore.com weekend
ABC Family Channel is having a "Harry Potter Weekend" event for the Thanksgiving holiday. The marathon will culminate in the world network television premiere of the final film in the series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2." ABC Family is doing some audience participation with this Harry Potter event. To take part, fans should follow ABC Family Channel on Twitter, then tweet their favorite Harry Potter moment using HarryPotterForever. ABC Family will then select some fan tweets to www.nflseahawksofficialstore.com/76+Russell+Okung+Jersey+Cheap.html share.
This event is part of ABC Family's "Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas" holiday programming. The scheduling of this "Harry Potter Weekend" has created some controversy because in past years ABC Family aired a "Harry Potter Weekend" during the actual Womens Russell Okung Jersey "25 Days of Christmas" programming schedule. Fans made their disappointment known on Facebook when the network unveiled this year's "25 Days of Christmas" schedule and there was no Potter movie scheduled at all.
Be sure to tune in the ABC Family Channel Russell Okung Kids Jersey and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner like it's a Hogwarts feast while watching the most beloved fairy story ever told, the Harry Potter saga, this weekend.

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